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Our Team


Lead Pastor

Mike Seewald

Mike Seewald is the Lead Pastor of Citizens Church- Branson. Mike and his family answered the call to move to Branson, Missouri, knowing that only God could be at work in such a wonderful and miraculous way. Mike was called out of the business world years ago and the Lord gave him a passion to preach and to lead God’s people in Biblical Truth.  His desire is to see the lost saved and the believer grow in holiness.  


Worship Leader

Jordan Jackson

Jordan Jackson is the Worship Leader at Citizens Church- Branson. He has a wonderful gift to be used solely for the glory of God. Jordan's desire it to lead others in worship and bless the heart of God in worship. 


Youth Minister

Stephanie Holloway

Stephanie Holloway is the youth minister at Citizens Church- Branson. She has served in a variety of other roles in ministry in the Branson and surrounding area for the past 20+ years. She has a passion for evangelism, outreach, and discipleship while encouraging different denominations to work together in sharing Christ’s love, especially with those in that are in junior high and high school.


Men's Ministry Director

Todd Hauger

Todd Huager is the Men's Ministry Director at Citizens Church- Branson.  He desires to see men grow in their faith.  Todd is  helping men come together in fellowship, finding growth in relationship with each other, and with God. 


Nazarene Missions International (NMI) President

Brenda Seewald

Brenda Seewald is the NMI President at Citizens Church- Branson.  We desire to connect with missions all around the world.  Brenda is keeping our church connected and engaged with local and global missions.   Click here to know more.

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