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Our Sacraments


At Citizens Church-Branson, we believe that baptism is an important step in a person's faith journey. It represents the washing away of sins and the beginning of a new life in Christ.

First Communion

As a Church of the Nazarene, we believe in the sacrament of Communion as a way to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. First Communion is a special event for our young members, where they can fully participate in this act of remembrance.


Confirmation is a time for our members to publicly declare their faith in Jesus Christ. At Citizens Church-Branson, we offer classes and guidance for those who wish to take this important step in their spiritual journey.


Marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman, and at Citizens Church-Branson, we offer the sacrament of Matrimony for our members who wish to make this commitment to each other in the presence of God.


Confession is an important part of our faith, as it allows us to confess our sins and receive forgiveness. At Citizens Church-Branson, we offer private confessionals for our members to speak with a pastor and seek forgiveness.

Anointing the Sick

We believe in the power of prayer and the laying on of hands for healing. At Citizens Church-Branson, we offer the sacrament of Anointing the Sick for our members who are struggling with illness or injury.

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