When you pull into the parking lot, look for the red visitor
parking flag near the building and feel free to park there as our honored guest.
At Citizens Church, We believe in the redeeming power offered to us by the grace of Jesus and the life reviving power of God to help us live redeemed and real lives through Him. Lives that are no longer restricted by addictions, pains, and constant struggle. Through the messages that we share, and the words that we preach, our hope is that you will walk away from our services knowing that God is with you and for you every single day.
Worship is an important part of our service. We believe that worship is a fun and exciting time for us to connect on an intimate level with God as we prepare our hearts and minds for the message of God.
Don’t worry about what to wear or who will be there because you will see all ages and styles. Make sure to grab a cup of coffee and stop by our information table for your free gift!
We believe it is very important for our kids to learn the significance of God in their own lives. We have a fantastic team of people who work hard at helping our kids grow in their relationship with God, through worship, Bible study and of course, fun! (Ages 2-12)