Blog Revival

Blog Revival


I cannot think of a better day to “Revive” our blog then on our two-year anniversary of our church being officially organized.

So, what better way to celebrate than to remember what all God has done in the last year at Citizens Church.

      This time last year, God opened the doors for us to move to a more permanent location. The first year and half, we stored all our stuff in trailers and houses and set up our equipment every Sunday and every special event. We had to do some construction to make it our own, but it was really a great place, location and size, and in our budget. We were fortunate enough to have volunteers from our mother church, friends and volunteers from within our church help us build the walls, and the stage. Our volunteers built the background, wired the TV’s, Computer, setup sound and helped put together the chairs. From there we have continued to see God move in leading people to us in our new location and look forward to what year three brings.

      At the beginning of last year and even after the move. We used a thing called tracks. Basically, they were musical recordings without vocals. At the time we only had a drummer and our worship leader. So we did worship with tracks accompanying them. A few months later, God gave us a great guitar player. Then a couple months later God gave us a fantastic piano player. Then again a few months later, God led a bass player/Pastor to our church. Our worship band in the last year went from 2 people, to 5. Went from limited to tracks, to whatever God leads them to play. They have grown tremendously and have great chemistry together.

      Last September we were able to launch our Wednesday night youth. As a former youth pastor, I know that Youth are the future, but they are also the right now. They need direct involvement, direct attention and encouragement. The things they face in school, in social circles and event sports is changing so rapidly. Our hope is to be a safe place for them to be Real people, and show them God’s spirit and how to follow God’s plan for their lives.

      Also in September, we started having Sunday School. I know, I know, Sunday School is old and antiquated and no one wants it. Well, here’s the deal. We talked to our congregation, which ranges in age from our 5 week old son to people in their 70s. We literally have every 10-year gap included. You know what people in their 20s and 30s said they wanted? Sunday School. It is really convenient to be able to have a Bible Study before the service. It’s easier for the kids, it’s easier for the parents. As of January and February, we have Sunday School involvement around 80%-90%. Our Adults have learned about prayer, evangelism and right now are learning finances. Our Children are learning Children’s quizzing with hopes to turn into a quiz team next year. Young and Old both wanted Sunday School and it works, and it works well.

     In November, God led a pastor and his wife to our church. They had spent some time away from the Nazarene Church and time in much needed rest. They felt called to come to Citizens Church, and I felt just with short conversation with them that they were called to plant a church. In the next couple years, Citizens Church will be sponsoring a church plant in the neighboring community of Blue Eye/Lampe.

     Right now, our interim children’s leader is preparing to go to get her Master’s degree and higher education in Kansas City, so we have begun the search for the right person. We know that children and teens ministries are among the most important thing a church can do. Pray for us to find the right person, or people to fill those roles.

Pray with us through the next year. We are praying to see more people come to know Jesus. We are praying and planning to make an impact on those around us in a positive way. We want to see Revival break out in Branson and see our mission and vision come to light. Our Mission of REACHING people with the love of God, leading them to REDEMPTION by the grace of Jesus and seeing their lives REVIVED through the power of the Holy Spirit is just as important and urgent each and every day. Do that we must be fulfill our vision of being real people, who are outward focused, loving everyone to lead the world to Jesus. 

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